Fidel Peña is a UI Designer, Creative Marketer and Infographic Enthusiast cycling and eating his way through New York City.



Clean is a Health & Wellness company offering a line of cleanse and supplement products to maintain a healthy digestive system and lifestyle. Working alongside the Creative Director I have developed social media strategies, designed infographics to support product guidelines & usage, and analyzed data to track the performance of marketing campaigns.


Data-Driven Promotions

The marketing team analyzes monthly sales reports to determine that first-time customers who purchase Clean's flagship product have an astounding 90% referral rate. In addition, The team leveraged high retention rates with the highest regular sales days of the month to implement discounts and periodic promotions.

Clean's Customer Service Team noted many customers were inquiring about maintaining the benefits of a full cleanse once their 21-Day program was completed. Maintenance promotions gave an increased eCommerce conversion rate of 2.24% (up from an average of 1.53%).


In-House Studio Photography

Several product promotions in the early stages of the company rebrand were shot in Clean's New York office.

Infographics for Social Channels

Brightly-colored and highly illustrative infographics were created to stand out on social platforms such as Pinterest, which has a large Health & Wellness audience.